What is XHTML

XHTML is an abbreviation of Extensible HyperText Markup Language, was first launched namely xhtml version 1.0.

XHTML is not too far from HTML, please read HTML’s Basic Understanding first so that it is more stable. If you already understand html it’s usually easy to understand xhtml too. Xhtml was developed by W3C (World Wide Consortium) which aims to assist web development by changing the transition from html to xml. So by using xhtml each user can enjoy the xml facility (for example, it can be made into a blogspot template.) Because as we know the blogspot.com template uses the .xml file format which aims to facilitate editing by other users. In short, xhtml is able to change the description of html code into xml and can enjoy the full xml facility.

Why use xhtml? Because there are so many benefits, for example as follows:

  • If we use xhtml and convert it to xml it will be easily validated, viewed and edited. But now it is very sophisticated, we can make html then we can convert it into xml. Well, the automatic change uses xhtml which suddenly appears in the middle of the html to xhtml conversion process.
  • Xhtml documents can utilize applications such as “scripts” be they html scripts or xml scripts. For example we apply the script to the blogspot widget and it works fine, thanks to the xhtml coding.
  • Xhtml can operate well even in new web browsers / web browsers that are not commonly used.
  • You can easily edit, maintain, convert or format your documents in the long run (no need to update in the near future). We take another example on blogspot.com, we can easily edit or use a template with a long period of time even though it is old school and left behind an update by a web browser.
  • Xhtml is more consistent.