What is HTML? – Basic HTML Understanding

HyperText Markup Language is an extension of HTML. Let’s look together about the basic understanding of HTML below.

HTML is most likely programming language that is widely used in the internet world and is recommended for website display. Basically html uses markup symbols or code that is put together into a file and is intended to be able to display or can be displayed on a web browser.

This HTML will ensure the format of words or images better, so the web browser can display the words or images very neatly or not messy. So, this HTML instructs the web browser how to display letters, words, images, or others properly and correctly.

Every code used in html is called a tag but many also call it element. Each tag / element has different functions or uses depending on the tag / element you are using and how to use it. Words / images that we display on a web browser will not be perfect and neat if you do not use html, so most programming languages other than html such as PHP are usually wrapped in HTML.

In addition, html is also very closely related to CSS. They are both interconnected and can display a very perfect appearance on a web browser when they are combined correctly. Read more about Understanding CSS. It can be likened to this html foundation / framework and CSS is the design / skin.