How To Pick The Right PC / Laptop for Your Purpose?

Computers are data processing tools / that are used to process data, according to WikiPedia. It is no longer a strange thing if the computer is always developing every year, month, even near future. Such is the technology “moves quickly”!

This time I will explain about choosing a computer / computer components that are recommended. the best etc. Understand first that in the computer there is a collection of important components, such as the motherboard, RAM, hard disk, processor, etc. that’s the general picture. For more details, let us see.

Every computer seller must provide matching components. Because so that merchandise can be sold faster. For example, a trader sells motherboards and he also sells processors that are suitable to be paired with the motherboard. So automatically selling merchandise quickly in a matter of units / volumes quickly exhausted.

But it must be remembered, in choosing computer components is not a matter of CHEAP, EXPENSIVE, FAMOUS, or NEW PRODUCTS. Eliminate thoughts like that and let’s think that computer components will work optimally and optimally as well as long-lasting if indeed placed in place / employed according to their abilities. It is not like that? Try to take the example of humans who are employed not in their expertise, what happens? Yes that’s the case … Likewise on computer components.

Many articles that have roamed the internet about sorting and choosing a good computer or other computer components. And even then it can be a comparison for my friend between article 1 with other articles. What we mentioned that we have experienced and according to the extensive knowledge we have.


What is the purpose of my friend to buy or want to have a computer? Everyday for assignments, specifically for the best games, non-stop 24 hours, etc.

After knowing the purpose, then learn what is needed according to your goals. Read other articles for more complete according to goals and needs.