How To Know Installed DirectX

Before installing DirectX on your Windows computer / laptop, it would be good to first check if there is DirectX installed. Which DirectX and what type? In addition, you must also know about the computer components used. What / what type of support for DirectX? Do not install one or the computer components do not support DirectX that you want to install.

To find out which DirectX has been installed on a computer / laptop, please click Start Menu that has the Microsoft Windows logo at the end of the Windows Screen taskbar and type RUN in the search field and select the existing Run application. Or you can also directly press the Windows icon on the keyboard + R, it will immediately lead to the next stage.

Next, please type dxdiag in the column and press the Ok button. Now a small DirectXDiagnosticTool popup screen will appear. On this screen, you can see the various types of components installed on the computer. To see DirectX types, please look at the bottom.

Still confused ? Watch: Video tutorial, how to find out DirectX installed on Windows.

Done, now you can know DirectX that is already installed on the computer.