How to Hack Android Password

At this time a lot of screen lock applications for smartphones, especially android smartphones that have a good purpose of securing smartphone devices. But did you know? Breaking the Android lock screen password is very easy to do, even though the password / password applied by smartphone users is so complicated in the form of numbers, letters or patterns.

Each locked screen must provide a quick button to go to the specified application, usually a quick button to go to the camera application and an emergency call. Here I share the easiest step, using the camera’s quick button. Turn on the android screen locked position, then click the camera quick shortcut button. You can take a selfie a little 😀

Then click the camera settings button and a password prompt will appear. Enter the password as much as possible until it crashes. When this password request crashes you will be directed back to the camera screen. Well, when you return to this camera screen, don’t come out but wait a minute until the camera screen crashes too. Don’t leave the screen off and don’t play first if you can.

Because actually after the password request screen crashes and you are returned to the previous camera screen that is loading and is also ready to crash. Now after loading is complete alias the camera also crashes then you will be directed to the main screen of the android with the screen unlocked. Easy right?

When I wrote this article there was no BB OS 10, now I updated it when BB launched BB OS 10. I’ve tried it on BB OS 10 too and the results were successful.

Urgent! Please note.

With an incident like this of course the android does not stay silent, immediately improve their application with all their might for the convenience of its customers. So, if there is a smartphone that fails by hacking the password I mentioned above, it might be fixed by the Android. Especially for BB OS 10, I have reported it myself to BB and they have fixed it on BB OS this year. For years to come between Android smartphones or BB OS 10 can still be hacked like this or not. What is clear, this has been successfully done by some people who use Android & BB OS 10.

But why not try it? Who knows, it can still be hacked this way!