How To Extract Partitioned RAR / ZIP Files at Once Without Damaging the File

In the RAR file there is such a thing as making a separate rar and (plus) solid when making it. If someone creates a RAR file with several parts and SOLID, it means that when the RAR file is finished, the file will be divided into several parts but still need to extract it all at once (because all the parts are related or interconnected with one another). In this article, we ignore how to create rar files in parts because here I will only explain how to extract RAR files from many parts simultaneously (all at once).

First, please collect the many RAR files in one empty folder (just in case not to be confused looking for the extract results, because there are just like that the results are messy or many contents scattered). After that, please block all the rar files by pressing CTRL + A or choose yourself by dragging (selecting) using the left mouse button. After everything is selected (highlighted in blue), please right-click and select Extract Here.

Please wait until the extract results are complete. For rar files protected by password, please enter the password for the rar file then it will start extracting.

You also can watch the video for this tutorial on YouTube.

After all processes are complete, the results (contents) of the rar file will appear intact.