How to Change Google Chrome Theme

In Google’s browser application, Chrome has a theme change feature, allowing users to use the preferred Google Chrome theme for free from the Chrome Web Store. Check out the steps to replace the Google Chrome theme below.

Please open Google Chrome and click on the menu at the far right of the browser exactly parallel to the search field above then select Settings. On this page, please find the Appearance menu button and click Get Themes. You will be directed (new tab) to the Chrome Web Store, there you can choose the theme you like. Just a few choice of themes, just choose.

To apply it, please click on the theme that will be used, then a popup will appear in the middle of the screen. There is an Add To Chrome button on the top right corner, please click the button and wait until the installation process is complete.

Still confused ? Please watch Video tutorial on how to change the theme of Google Chrome.

When finished, please check your theme now. How to check it, please open a new tab. Note! This Chrome theme does not affect the main page (homepage) of Google Chrome, so to see it you need to open a new tab.