History of Discovery of the Internet Network

Have you ever heard of the ARPANET? It turns out that this ARPANET (Advance Research Projects Agency Network) is the beginning of how the INTERNET can be present today. ARPANET was used in the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. USA intends to develop the ARPANET so that it can withstand nuclear attacks by distributing information systems between one computer and another computer geographically. The ARPANET creates a standard TCP / IP communication that defines data transfer.

Because of the intelligence of people, the struggle for copyright and development was carried out from several places / groups. Many claim that they are the discoverers and many have captured this ARPAnet concept.

Of the many groups who claimed and called themselves the inventors of the internet at that time, Tim Berners Lee was the person who led or developed ARPAnet, it seemed more real with some evidence. He was able to explain for the first time about html, http, and url. 3 of these are part of ARPAnet and the internet at this time.

When other groups had difficulty explaining the following 3 things, it was Tim Berners Lee who was able to explain in detail and make sense. A little review, Tim Berners Lee explained that html is the language used in making web pages in great detail as well as when explaining about http and url.

Of course Berners Lee is not alone, he is assisted by several friends or his team especially Vinton Cerf & Robert Khan. Both of them are more helpful, such as designing webpages, transferring protocols and other structures that we can now watch ARPAnet transform into an extraordinary internet.

Flashback, actually a few years back before Tim Berners Lee discovered this extraordinary thing, in 1945 right before Indonesia’s independence there was someone named Vannevar Bush and he volunteered to the government to give his findings, namely html.

Vanner Bush’s submission was rejected, because maybe at that time there was indeed no human who knew what html was meant by Vannevar Bush. Some of his relatives revealed that he died before expressing his irritation at not being able to show html to humans on this earth.

Luck should have come to Tim Berners Lee, in the 1990s after several years of funding by America to develop ARPAnet. He succeeded in creating a WWW (World Wide Web), html perfectly, http and url. He was assisted by his team mates from Geneva, Switzerland.

No need to be confused who created or called the inventor, because everyone at that time was ambitious to become famous and shout to each other “I created it !!”. But Tim Berners Lee and his team were able to explain and clearly describe all the findings.

As a result, they were truly able to change the world with their findings now known as the internet. So Tim Berners Lee is more fitting to be said to be the inventor and commonly referred to as the father of the internet because the first www in the world was created from his own hands.

After turning into the internet, Robert Khan was more prominent and successful in developing the internet to become more versatile and universal. He took a sample from the first www in the world that was created by his friend, Berners Lee.