Desktop Background Can’t Be Replaced? See The Best Solution Here!

Sometimes there are also many Windows OS computers / laptops that have errors either due to what is obvious suddenly can’t change their desktop background. To overcome such problems, I have made a tutorial through this article for Windows OS (maybe not much different in other OS, please just try). Please see the detail below.

Pertama, buka folder apa saja untuk menampilkan layar Windows. Klik Organize di sebelah kiri pojok atas layar, pilih Folder and search options. Maka akan muncul pop up windows yang lebih kecil. Lihat pada tab diatasnya, ada tiga pilihan yaitu: General, View, Search.

Please select View, then in the “Hidden Files and Folders” section there are 2 radio options: “Don’t Show Hidden Files, Folders or Drives” and “Show Hidden Files, Folders or Drives”. Please choose the second one: “Show Hidden Files, Folders or Drives”. Then click the OK button below.

Now please open Drive C -> Users, then select the user whose error cannot change / change the background. If you are not sure, please choose the Admin user (usually the folder name is the brand / type of your motherboard). Then go to AppData -> Roaming -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Themes.

Then an image will appear that you are currently using as your desktop background / wallpaper at this time. Please delete the picture (only the deleted picture).

Done! It’s easy, right? Now please choose an image that will be used as a desktop wallpaper, it should work!

Wathc video for this tutorial on YouTube.