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how ti change desktop wallpaper image - posciety

Desktop Background Can’t Be Replaced? See The Best Solution Here!

Sometimes there are also many Windows OS computers / laptops that have errors either due to what is obvious suddenly can’t change their desktop background. To overcome such problems, I have made a tutorial through this article for Windows OS (maybe not much different in other OS, please just try). […]

how to pick best motherboard

How To Pick Best Motherboard

The things described above are things that need to be taken even more seriously in order to achieve maximum satisfaction. Not that does not work…

Tips for Choosing the Right Computer

How To Pick The Right PC / Laptop for Your Purpose?

Computers are data processing tools / that are used to process data, according to WikiPedia. It is no longer a strange thing if the computer is always developing every year, month, even near future. Such is the technology “moves quickly”! This time I will explain about choosing a computer / […]