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Desktop Background Can’t Be Replaced? See The Best Solution Here!

Sometimes there are also many Windows OS computers / laptops that have errors either due to what is obvious suddenly can’t change their desktop background. To overcome such problems, I have made a tutorial through this article for Windows OS (maybe not much different in other OS, please just try). […]

how to open android password

How to Hack Android Password

With an incident like this of course the android does not stay silent, immediately improve their application with all their might for the

how to change chrome theme

How to Change Google Chrome Theme

When finished, please check your theme now. How to check it, please open a new tab. Note! This Chrome theme does not affect the main page (homepage)

what is xhtml

What is XHTML

XHTML is an abbreviation of Extensible HyperText Markup Language, was first launched namely xhtml version 1.0.

what is css

Understanding CSS

By using CSS we can optimize image size, text color, table color, link color, hover, transformation, spacing and many other advantages. What is clear,

how to pick best motherboard

How To Pick Best Motherboard

The things described above are things that need to be taken even more seriously in order to achieve maximum satisfaction. Not that does not work…

Tips for Choosing the Right Computer

How To Pick The Right PC / Laptop for Your Purpose?

Computers are data processing tools / that are used to process data, according to WikiPedia. It is no longer a strange thing if the computer is always developing every year, month, even near future. Such is the technology “moves quickly”! This time I will explain about choosing a computer / […]

tv founder

This Is How TV Inventors Work Together

That’s the story and anyone who contributed to the development of TV until now we can enjoy television shows with a more modern look. Furthermore,..

How To Know Installed DirectX

To find out which DirectX has been installed on a computer / laptop, please click Start Menu that has the Microsoft Windows logo at the end of the…

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History of Discovery of the Internet Network

1990s after several years of funding by America to develop ARPAnet. He succeeded in creating a WWW (World Wide Web), html perfectly, http and url. He was assisted by his team mates from Geneva, Switzerland …

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Learn Bahasa Indonesia (Lesson 2)

Hi there, how are you ? This article will continue the last lesson. Have you read the Lesson 1 ? Please read and learn from Lesson 1, cause I know you want to be good in Bahasa. In Indonesia, most of us shake hands when meet people anywhere. What should we say […]